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Atlanits The Palm

Aquaventure is a water theme park that is part of the huge Atlantis Hotel complex. Before representing you to this great water theme park, the Aquaventure, let us also introduce you to this picturesque hotel, which is the most unique and one of the most luxurious hotels of Dubai with an equally picturesque setting. Let us see what is worth learning about Atlantis - The Palm and Aquaventure.

Atlantis Hotel is officially called Atlantis the Palm and it is located on the outside rim of the beautiful man-made palm tree shaped island, the Palm Jumeirah. This gives the hotel a wonderful situation with only water all around. Atlantis Hotel is the brother of the equally monumental and worldwide famous Atlantis located in Nassau. The form of the two hotels is quite similar, with Atlantis Hotel Dubai having an edge of Arabic feeling to its architecture. Atlantis is the biggest hotel complex of Dubai. Itís not only giving accommodation; itís closer to being a whole floating entertaining island where you can browse between the offers of over 15 bars and restaurants.

You can decide where to go out as Atlantis has over 5 different nightclubs and discos, get yourself to do some sports, relax in the great spa or go ahead and have a bit of fun in the Marine & Waterpark section of the hotel. Atlantis Hotel has its own shopping centre and equipped with a cinema. Unlike most hotels in the world, Atlantis the Palm doesnít only receive a huge amount of guests for accommodation, equally high number of rich locals come every day, to enjoy one or more great services of the hotel.

The Marine & Waterpark section is the great sea entertainment section of the hotel that comprises of the following: Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers, Dive Centre

Dolphin Bay of the Atlantis Hotel is not without controversy. The Bay houses dolphins, which were caught in the wild to be taken to the huge hotelís huge bay, to be trained to become the friends of people and to give a great experience for the young and old generations equally. In order to please dolphins, they are not taking part in exhausting shows here, but they rather swim freely in the quite big area of the Dolphin Bay, where personalised services await all visitors depending on their age and swimming experience. People can touch, view and learn a lot about dolphins here and the animals are taken care of greatly by professionals.

Aquaventure is the great water theme park of the hotel, which is highly visited and its almost as popular as the huge Wild Wadi Water Park. Aquaventure has recently refreshed its table of services, representing lots of novelties, such as the Shark Safari or the Ray Feeding. Also holding teaching seminars for children and adults equally, Aquaventure is a great place for young and old all the same. Aquaventure is open every day from 8 am till 17.00H or 21.00H depending on the season. Admission after around 16.00H much cheaper, however its better to book the programs in advance because of the long row of those wanting to take part in them.

The Lost Chambers: The Lost Chambers is not part of Aquaventure but it also features beautiful aquariums, tours in a labiryth and many mystique things to know about the lost continentsm including relics that are said to originate from Atlantis, the Lost Continent.

Atlantis Dive Centre is a new service specifically for those who would like to learn how to dive. Dubai has some great areas nearby, where you can go and get diving experience. The courses are held both your kids and for adults several time a week.

If you like water theme parks, you shoud definitely not miss visiting Aquaventure which is highly visited by locals and tourists all the same. Being the only water theme park in Dubai which is part of a hotel, Aquaventure is great and unique. Pay attention to the conditions of Aquaventure to make sure you will have the most complete fun experience at this alone standing water park of Dubai.