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Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure is the second most popular water theme parks of Dubai with lots of interesting and unique services. Aquaventure is a great experience for both the young and the older generation. The water fun park comprises of multiple sections with its centre being the picturesque Ziggurat where you slide down straight into the water full of sharks and other scary looking creatures! In order to see how you survive this fantastic slide, you indeed need to visit this great theme park!

Aquaventure has recently renewed its services, offering twice as much as it used to offer before, with several fantastic programs you cannot experience anywhere else!The sections of Aquaventure are the following:

• Water slides: experience the great slides of Aquaventure through its star slides, representing the Leap of Faith, which is the mystique looking Ziqqurat with the shark pool, the Plunge represents great water-coasters and Shark Attack which features a real exciting jungle like adventure ride inside the Ziqqurat.

• River Rides: experience the adventure of real-life rafting just as you like. You can choose between the Torrent and the Rapids, two real wild and fun river rides, where you can really test your braveness. Both the rides are lots of fun with twisting, turning waves.

• Ray Feeding: the Ray feeding is much more than the plain experience of throwing food in the water or having your hand in the water in hope that a ray will spot it. No, this is a real great group experience where you can really hold and touch a real ray! With the leadership of an experienced ray expert, you can learn so much about these beautiful and unique creatures in Aquaventure. Note that your child should be at least 6 years old and 1.2 metres tall to take part in this program.

• Shark Snorkel: this program includes a great swim with snorkels alongside real sharks! Expert marine zoologists who will tell you a lot about sharks will accompany you and they will explain to you so much you have not known about these wonderful creatures. This program is very special; therefore, one of their parents must accompany all kids under 16. Children under eight cannot take part in this program.

• Shark Safari: This program includes you visiting the great shark and fish aquariums of Aquaventure. This is a real alone-standing experience, when you will wear a complete divers’ suite alongside with the helmet and will walk underwater among all the fishes and sea creatures, which of course includes the noble looking sharks. This program is very special; therefore, one of their parents must accompany all kids under 16. Children under eight cannot take part in this program.

• Young kids’ area: this area is reserved for those kids’ under 6 or 8 who are not able to take part n the special programs yet. This area though will make it up for all the loss, as it is just as full of action as the other parts of Aquaventure, perfectly build for the smaller to enjoy water slides, rope bridges and all the fun activities of a water theme park.

• Aquaventure Beach: Aquaventure has its own beach for those who would like to take a break from the pools and slides for a shorter time. Here you can lie in the sand and enjoy a great swim, while admiring the beautiful blue horizon.

Aquaventure water theme park is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day; you can get cheaper admission if you enter after 16.00h although this way your fun time will be only a very short one. Do not forget to book all the programs you and your family are interested in, in advance. Aquaventure is a great place with fun entertaining programs you will not be experiencing anywhere else in Dubai.